Currently Offered Courses - Spring 2023

AFRO 100 - Intro to African American St

Interdisciplinary introduction to the basic concepts and literature in the disciplines covered by African American studies; surveys the major approaches to the study of African Americans across several academic disciplines including economics, education, psychology, literature, political science, sociology and others.

AFRO 101 - Black America, 1619-Present

Sociohistorical survey of African American experiences from the West African background to North America, from the 17th century to the present. Same as HIST 174.

AFRO 132 - African American Music

Survey of African American music, from its origins to the present with a focus on understanding details of musical performance and the ways in which music interacts with its social and political context. Examines genres such as spirituals, the blues, jazz, R&B, soul, and hip-hop. No previous musical background is necessary.

AFRO 199 - Undergraduate Open Seminar

May be repeated.

AFRO 201 - US Racial & Ethnic Politics

Same as AAS 201, LLS 201, and PS 201. See PS 201.

AFRO 215 - US Citizenship Comparatively

Same as AAS 215, AIS 295, GWS 215, and LLS 215. See AAS 215.

AFRO 220 - Intro to Research Methods AfAm

Introduction to various methodologies to be employed in the interdisciplinary field of African American/Africana studies. Prerequisite: AFRO 100.

AFRO 221 - History of the Prison

Same as HIST 219 and LA 221. See LA 221.

AFRO 224 - Humanist Persp of Afro-Am Exp

Presents the Afro-centric world view as it was manifested in traditional African society and in the Afro-American slave community. Shows that this world view merged with European notions of art and humanity, as revealed in modern Afro-American literature, art, and music. Same as CWL 226. Approved for both letter and S/U grading. Prerequisite: AFRO 100 or consent of instructor.

AFRO 226 - Black Women Contemp US Society

Sociological perspective of the experience of African American women in the contemporary United States. Specifically, an examination of relationships between the economy, state policy, culture, work and motherhood for this demographic group. Same as GWS 226 and SOC 223.

AFRO 228 - Hip Hop Music: History and Culture

A study of hip-hop from its beginnings in the post-industrial South Bronx of the 1970s to the global present. By focusing on the work of specific artists and movements, we will compare and contrast the production and consumption of hip-hop with other forms of popular music (including jazz, rock, disco, and pop). This course shows how musicians and listeners use hip-hop to express ideas about topics such as economics, nationalism, black power, feminism, and violence.

AFRO 259 - Early African American Literature and Culture

Same as CWL 259 and ENGL 259. See ENGL 259.

AFRO 260 - Modern African American Literature and Culture

Same as CWL 260 and ENGL 260. See ENGL 260.

AFRO 276 - Afro-American Hist Since 1877

Same as HIST 276. See HIST 276.

AFRO 298 - Spec Topics African-Am Studies

Seminar on selected topics with particular emphasis on current research trends. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: AFRO 100 or AFRO 101, or consent of instructor.

AFRO 310 - Race and Cultural Diversity

Same as AAS 310, EPOL 310, EPS 310, and LLS 310. See EPOL 310.

AFRO 340 - Dancing Black Popular Culture

Same as DANC 340. See DANC 340.

AFRO 342 - Black Men and Masculinities

The sociological study of African American men in the contemporary U.S. Specifically, black manhood and masculinities and the experiences of this demographic group as it relates to the economy, state, policy, and institutions such as family, criminal justice system, and education. Same as SOC 325. Prerequisite: Introductory social science course.

AFRO 378 - Race and Revolutions

Focus on the relationship between race and slavery during the revolutions in American and Haiti, respectively. We will seek to understand how the themes of slavery, revolution and race affected blacks, whites and indigenous Americans. We will learn about life during the Revolutionary era by reading the biographies, political pamphlets and personal letters of former slaves, Revolutionaries and everyday men and women as well as historical scholarship. Same as HIST 389. Prerequisite: One African American Studies or History course at either the 100- or 200-level or the consent of instructor.

AFRO 380 - Black Women Hist & Cultures

Same as GWS 380. See GWS 380.

AFRO 421 - Racial and Ethnic Families

Same as EPOL 410, EPS 421, and HDFS 424. See EPOL 410.

AFRO 465 - Race, Sex, and Deviance

Same as AAS 465, GWS 465, and LLS 465. See LLS 465.

AFRO 482 - Immersion Journalism

Same as JOUR 482. See JOUR 482.

AFRO 495 - Senior Thesis Seminar

3 undergraduate hours. No graduate credit. Prerequisite: AFRO 100 and AFRO 220 or AFRO 490.

AFRO 597 - Problems in African-Am Studies

Focused reading and study of special problems in African American Studies. May be repeated to a maximum of 8 hours. Prerequisite: Graduate standing, AFRO 500 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

AFRO 598 - Res Sem in African-Am Studies

Graduate seminar on special topics based on current research trends. May be repeated to a maximum of 8 hours. Prerequisite: Graduate standing, AFRO 500 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.