D Fairchild Ruggles

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Landscape Architectu
101 Temple Buell Hal
611 E Lorado Taft Dr
M/C 620
Champaign, IL 61820

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, School of Architecture
Professor, Program in Medieval Studies
Professor, Gender and Women's Studies
Professor, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Professor, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory
Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Recent Publications

Ruggles, D. F. (2017). Introduction: A World of Senses. In Sound and scent in the garden (Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium on the history of landscape architecture; Vol. xxxviii). Dumbarton Oak.

Ruggles, D. F. (2017). Listening to Islamic Gardens and Landscapes. In M. Frishkopf, & F. Spinetti (Eds.), MUSIC, SOUND, AND ARCHITECTURE IN ISLAM Texas: UNIV OF TEXAS Press.

Ruggles, D. F. (2017). Scent, Sound, and the Senses in Islamic Gardens of al-Andalus. In S. A. Harvey, & M. Mullett (Eds.), Knowing bodies, passionate souls: sense perceptions in Byzantium (Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine symposia and colloquia).

Beach, M. C., & Ruggles, D. F. (Accepted/In press). The Bundi Palace's Rang Vilas garden: An Unusual Rajput chahar bagh. In M. C. Beach (Ed.), Bundi Fort: a Rajput world Bombay: Marg.

Ruggles, D. F. (2016). Islamic Gardens and Landscapes. Istanbul: Koç University Press.

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