AFRO Publishing Without Walls

$1 million grant to decrease the "digital divide"



PWW is a digital scholarly publishing initiative that is scholar-driven, openly accessible, scalable, and sustainable. PWW will directly engage with you throughout the research process. It aims to build publishing models that can be supported locally by a university’s library, while also opening new avenues toward publication through university presses and other publishers.

Jodi Heckle states, "The project – Publishing Without Walls, a four-year, $1 million project involving the University Library, the School of Information Sciences, the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities and the Department of African American studies and funded by an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant – provides various digital publishing platforms. The scholars’ work is published on the Library’s Illinois Open Publishing Network," in this University of Illinois News Bureau article.

Any inquiries related to AFRO-PWW should be directed to Dr. Ronald Bailey, Co-PI and Head of the Department of African American Studies.


AFRO-PWW words with Sankofa symbol in light and dark blues and green