Description & Requirements

This certificate first became available in the Fall semester of 2007. Completion of the requirements listed below, undergraduate students will have the opportunity to earn the Ida B. Well-Barnett Certificate in Black Women and Gender Studies. At present, the subject of black women and gender is one of the fastest growing subfields in the social sciences, history, and humanities.

The Certificate reflects this growing interest. It situates the study of Black women and gender centrally in the analysis of the African American experience, and does so from diverse disciplinary perspectives. Courses integrate gender as an analytic category and use Black Women’s Studies frameworks for understanding black women, gender and issues within the broader discipline of African American Studies. The Certificate also provides students the opportunity to develop knowledge in comparative/transnational studies of women and gender in the African Diaspora and other communities of color.

The Certificate requires that students successfully complete the following:

  • Core Requirements (9 hours): AFRO 100, AFRO 220 or 490, AFRO 495
  • Areas of Concentration (12 hours) of which 9 hours must be a part of the Black Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies course listings. (See "Minor in African American Studies" page for information on the Areas of Concentration.)

Black Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Course Listings

100 Level

  • AFRO 103
  • AFRO 199*

200 Level

  • AFRO 226
  • AFRO 287
  • AFRO 298*

300 Level

  • AFRO 342
  • AFRO 380
  • AFRO 381
  • AFRO 383
  • AFRO 398*

400 Level

  • AFRO 415
  • AFRO 421
  • AFRO 465
  • AFRO 498*

* With Advisor Approval